We all know throwing medicine balls is an effective way to transfer your general strength qualities into baseball specific power. With our Med Ball Manual, you’ll get 16 weeks of carefully progressed throws, slowly building to high velocity, high power variations that will teach your body how to produce force, and transmit it through the body, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This program is designed to supplement your existing training regiment and take out the guesswork so you can focus on ball-breaking displays of power!

16-Week Program that will Transform Your General Strength into Baseball POWER!

Medball Power Development Program


Complete Medball Program

Sixteen weeks of carefully periodized and progressed medball throws

Rotational Power Transfer

Total focus on transferring general strength qualities to usable rotational power

HD Video Database

Hyperlinked HD video for every movement in the program

Specialized Medball Exercises

Unique medball drills that will teach you proper sequencing and ground-up force transmission

Join the 1,000+ athletes and coaches who have used this Program!

Michael Scoffin

College Baseball Player

Lou Puopolo

B.S. Exercise Physiology, S&C Coach

Tyler Sullivan

Former College Baseball Player & Current Assistant Baseball Coach at Seton Hill University

"The 16-week med ball program has helped transform our hitters strength into explosive power. Our hitters have made incredible jumps in exit velocity and it's hard to this manual didn't have a huge impact on that. It has taught our guys how to move their bodies in a way to generate the most powerful and efficient swings."

"This medicine ball  program is a great tool for athletes who need to focus on explosive power. I've always been on par with my teammates in the weight room, but it didn't always translate to the mound. This program helps athletes focus on transferring raw strength into power in baseball movements. I would definitely recommend using this program!"

"The med ball manual is a great resource for anyone looking to properly progress their med ball throws to develop explosive power that will take their game to the next level. With this manual, you also get some great mobility work to superset with the med ball throws, which adds to the overall quality of the program. Great work with this program guys!"

Dylan DeBrouwer, Infield and S&C Coach at Valparaiso University

"Alex Simone provides an exceptional 16-week medicine ball program that properly progresses both rotational and overhead medicine ball throws. This program is great for anyone who is looking to transfer strength into performance-based power. Alex is an innovative thinker and is a reliable resource for those striving to improve their overall performance."


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